4. Super-eroul apei

Story 4 writing order: Poland -> Romania -> The UK -> Turkey -> The Azores -> Cyprus -> Finland

A water superhero

A powerful and thoughtful lived at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. He hid a casket from people in a deep cave. He closed in it; the superhuman power, magical beauty, the ability to communicate with the nature, immortality, comprehensive knowledge and power over the element of water.
The casket was guarded by fish and other sea creatures.
One day, a young fisherman sailed out for away. The storm overturned his boat and the youngster began to sink. He was found by the daughter of the god of seas and oceans. She desired to save the handsome fisherman. She opened the amber casket and….

… looked inside. It came to her mind to discover the hidden gifts. The princess leaned over him and tried to bring him back to life. The young man opened his eyes, looked at her and fell in love with her.
“You are so beautiful! Who are you, who saved me?”
“I am the daughter of the god of seas and oceans. I want to give you a present. Look in this box and choose whatever you want!”
“I want immortality, to be with you for ever because I love you, beautiful princess!”
“Young fisherman, you don’t understand that immortality is not a gift, it is a burden for ordinary people. This gift is just for the gods, you belong to the mankind, so you have to stay mortal. You didn’t know what to choose, but I will give the extraordinary power to communicate with nature.”
The princess was right to offer him this gift because the forces of nature were getting worse and worse against the people.
The strong god of the seas and oceans felt that somebody opened the amber box and …


… swam to the cave and found his daughter’s pearl necklace on the floor, next to the heavy amber casket. The casket was open, with all the contents lying around. The sea god called desperately for his daughter. No answer came.
He sent an heroic search party of seahorses, rainbow fish, turtles and sharks. There was no sign of his daughter.
Some days later, the sea god came across an abandoned boat, in the sand, below the ocean. There he discovered his desolate, sobbing princess. With muscular shoulders, he hoisted her up and carried her back to the cave.
“Who did this monstrous mischief?” he demanded.
His daughter raised her hands to her face, the tears falling through her fingers.
“The fisherman”, she replied, still sobbing.
“What fisherman?”
“I don’t know his name but I gave him one of the powers, so he can control nature”.
As soon as the sea god heard this, he roared with rage. He decided to send a tsunami to the island where the fisherman lived. . .


The fisherman had to return to the island by using his wind powers because the people of the island had been suffering from  the earthquakes for many years. He wanted to help the people with his powers. On the other hand, he was feeling sorry for the daughter of the god of seas and oceans as he left her in a difficult situtation. Besides all that he had fallen in love with her.
But he had to think of the people of the island first. Everybody had helped him when he was a child, especially the wise man who had found and raised him. As soon as he arrived to the island, he went to the wise man and told him about everything and asked for his help.
The wise man said he did the right thing and his powers were a big gift for all of their people. He said he should help his people first and he shouldn’t worry about the princess. She would understand him.
Suddenly, they heard a thunder-like sound from outside. When they went out, they saw people running away, screaming in fear because of the huge waves. The people of the island were actually used to eartquakes but they had never seen such a disaster before. So they were all in a terrible panic.
The wise man said you should use your powers now, be quick!
The fisherman took a deep breath saying “In the name of nature” and blew strongly towards the giant waves.
The waves started moving backwards and the sea calmed down…


After this achievement ​​all the population was so grateful and didn’t know how to thank the fisherman…
‍But, even after saving the population of that catastrophe, the fisherman couldn’t feel completely happy, he was missing the beautiful princess who he met a few days ago and who gave him that immense power.
‍He talked to the wise man that told him to follow his heart and do whatever he thought it’s right.
‍After a long time of thinking, he couldn’t ignore the feeling he was having about that beautiful female that was taking his head out of the place.
‍Then, he decided to return to the place where he first met her and started calling her over and over again, but no luck…she never appeared…
‍The following day, the fisherman went to the sea and called the princess again, but it was a failed attempt.
‍Continued to go to that same place every day but always in vain. He ended up having no hope and almost giving up but, in a ordinary day, at a time completely unexpected something huge happened…something that no one could predict…


The sand started to rise and took the figure of the princess. Suddenly, the figurebeganto talk to the fisher. It told him “You have to choose, me or the magical powers.” The fisher was thinking for a long time. Finally, he chose the magical powers because he wanted to be able to help other people. The princess started crying because she thought he´d be different, that he would have chosen her! She thought he had changed. She started to walk away and suddenly he saw a bright light and she disappeared.
When he returned to his house he had realised that he had made a terrible mistake. He understood that he had selected a pathway without a way to return. He was so sad! He thought the only way he could forgive himself is that he would have to convince the princess that she was the most important person for him! But how­…..


In great sorrow the fisherman decided to make a memorable statue of him and the princess in the place were they first met. So the fisherman began to collect the marble from nearby island, which had once been a mine. The earth began to quake, and the fisherman began to make a 30 meter high marble statue in which the princess, wildlife and fishermen were shown. The princess sensed the fisherman using his powers, and soon went out to see what was going on. The princess saw the fisherman making a statue of her. But the princess had not forgiven the fisherman’s act, so she remained still hidden. Therefore the fisherman decided to dispose all the forces to the statue, then to find true love. When the fisherman had disposed the powers to the statue, the princess appeared to the fisherman, and shouted : ” Do you really love me ? ”
The fisherman answered: ” I love you more than life ! ”
So the princess decided to give the fisherman another opportunity, and give the fisherman the power of immortality so they could be together forever and happy (and so they will be).
If you wonder what happened to the statue: it’s still there and it protects the island .