2. Insula pustie

Story 2 writing order: Cyprus -> Finland -> Poland -> Romania -> The UK -> Turkey -> The Azores

Deserted Island – The Castaway

I woke up upset and tired. I looked around and I found out that I was alone on an island without any life. I shouted “HELP” but no one answered. Then… I remembered what happened last night!
…I was planning to go to Australia with my wife Kate. I remember hugging my parents, my family and friends. Suddenly the ship´s sirens went off. Everybody started shouting because the ship hit an iceberg. I remember watching the ship sinking and people jumping out of it. The last thing I remember is jumping off the ship and holding on a stick…
And now I am here! The only thing I can see is the ocean and this desert island. I can hear the waves and the birds singing. There are lots of trees so it will be hard to find food and shelter. I wonder what my relatives are doing. Are they looking for me? Is Kate alive and if she is, is she looking for me? Is anybody worried about me?
– “HELP! HELP! Is anybody here?
Nobody! I’m going to write on the sand a message maybe someone will see it. I think “S.O.S” is the best message.
It´s getting dark! I have to eat something. If I am going to stay here, I have to find a way to survive! I don’t have any time to make a shelter today, but I will start tomorrow. I will have a lot of work to do! I need to find a place to build my shelter. Surely, not near the sea, because there might be a storm and big waves! I think i will build it in the middle of the island…
I have to find a way to survive… I have to!

First what I have to do is find the place for my shelter. I think that in the middle of the island there could be a good place for shelter.
But going there is hard. I walk through the jungle and I find a big wall. At the top of the wall there are two big snakes guarding it. I decide to bluff the snakes: I find some pieces that looks like meat. I throw it to snakes and I sneak over the wall. But I have more problems. I see a big lion guarding on a small hill and it is looking for me. I walk quietly but the lion sees me. I see a small cave in front of me so I run as fast as my legs can do. I have survived from the lion.
There is dark in the cave. I continue walking to find another way out from the cave. After a small walk I see some light and I found my way out. I’m very happy that all those difficulties are behind. I start thinking who have created the wall and other traps. There must have been some life in this island or could it be possible that I could find some people still living here.
I climb to small mountain and I found a perfect place where to build my shelter. After few hours work the shelter looks reasonable for me and I decide that it’s time to find some food. After small walk I found coconuts and bananas, I also find fresh water from a small river.
I start walking back to my new home. I feel content: I’m lost but I have plenty of food and I have a good place to rest. I’m sure that I will survive until rescueforces arrive. But then I see something horrible. My shelter is on a fire. What has happened? I drop all the food and I run to my shelter. There is nothing I can do. What is happened? Or who has done this?
– Hello! Is there someone in the bushes? I shout again and again. But no answers. I have a feeling that someone is watching me. I try to look everywhere. In the mountainside I see something moving, it looks like a small human. At the very moment something flies towards me, it’s a bow and it is on fire. This is not a friendly welcome and I decide to run away. After few steps I feel something sharp hitting on my left leg. It is an arrow. At the same time I start to feel little dizzy. The last thing in my mind is that the arrow is poisoned. Then I passed out…


I was lying on the ground with my face in the sand when I heard someone shouting. I tried to move my head and open my eyes but I was too weak. I felt that there was a person standing next to me and the other one a few meters away. They were talking about something but I couldn’t understand a word. I wanted to say something but then I recalled everything..the fire, the small man and the arrow in my leg. ‘Who are they?’, I thought. I was really scared and I decided to lie there and pretend to be dead. Suddenly, one of them touched my shoulder and said something in his language. I didn’t move. Then he turned my head and I felt some drops of cold water on my face. I opened my eyes slowly and I saw a pair of big brown eyes staring at me. The face in front of me was really scary. The man’s skin was almost red and he had a beard and very long hair. He was looking at me and sprinkling my face with water. Next he stood up and went to the other man. I looked around and I saw some small shacks and a bonfire in the middle. The men were talking and they weren’t looking at me so I thought that this could be the perfect time to escape. When I started moving my hands and legs I noticed that they were tied. ‘I need something sharp to cut the ropes’, I thought. But unfortunately there was nothing around. After a few minutes the men turned round and started walking towards me. They looked very angry and they had long sticks in their hands. ‘Please no!..I’m just a castaway!’ I shouted.


But the two men threw their sticks to me and so they hit the rope and I could escape from them. I started to run and run and run… until I found another cave. But the cave was guarded by two strange men. They asked me:
– Who are you and why you are here?
– I’m just a castaway. But who are you?
– We are the guardians of a beautiful world and if you want to enter, you must answer to this question: “Who walks in the morning on four feet, in the afternoon on two feet and in the evening on three feet?”
– The men, I said.
– You are the first who answered that question. You may enter!
Inside the cave I found a very strange tribe and very kind at the same time. They welcomed me with food and water and gave me a place to stay. Indeed, the place was a wonderful world, with a blue lake inside the cave and beautiful people. After a while they started to treat me like a tribe member. But, I was sad, I missed my home, my wife, my parents… So, they helped me to build a boat of my own. It was hard work, but we did it.
And now, look at me! I am alone, in my boat with some food and water, hoping to find a way home… The chief of the tribe told me to go straight to the north in order to find the next island, a bigger island, where I could find ships to take me home. But, suddenly a big storm started… “What should I do? How can I get safe to that bigger island?”

THE UNITED KINGDOM                                                                                                              As I wake up shivering in pain, I start looking around and I find myself lying on the floor soaking wet. How did I get here? Wait…I can remember now. I was in my boat and a towering great wave crashed into my boat tearing it apart. I only remember falling unconscious on a piece of soggy, wet wood.
Where am I? Phew! Here is a window. I can find out where I am! But… But… I don’t understand. It’s impossible! I’m out in the sea! Help! Help! Someone help please! I hear somebody’s deep, grunting voice, I am starting to panic. What should I do? The door is opening with a squeak. I see a man staring at me. “What is your name?” he growls.
“I….I am Richard,” I say shyly. “Can you take me to the big island?”
“Ok, but what will you do for me in return?”
“I’ll do anything!”
“Are you sure you’ll do anything?”
He says rubbing his hands together slyly. I nodded my head.
“Good, well start off by cleaning the floor.”
We are on the way to the big island and I am cleaning the floor, when am I ever going to have a break? When I had a back ache I had to stop. Now that I finished they demand me to wash up the plates and the dishes. They are telling me to do more chores and I am sick and tired but I had a deal, so there was no way out. They treat me like I am a slave. Finally, we reach the big Island and two soldiers stand right in front of the ship threateningly holding a gun, wearing bright red jackets. They are taking me away, I can see a dark, cold stone tower, it looks ominous…


“Where have you brought me?” I asked. “Is this the big island? There were supposed to be big ships here. Where are you taking me? I want to get home!”
“All in due course” replied one of the soldiers, they held me tightly by my arms as we walked towards the stone tower. There were people by the road as we were walking, they wore rags and were filthy, they were dirtier than me and I hadn’t bathed in months! They all watched us carefully until we got close to them, then they turned away as if they were afraid of the soldiers.
We arrived at the stone tower, it was guarded by similar soldiers, they let us in and we walked up a winding stairway. We finally arrived at some large doors and one of the soldiers knocked three times. We waited for a few seconds and then the large oak doors slowly opened, I looked in and nobody was there, it seemed the doors were opening themselves!
We entered a large room with a tall ceiling and walls painted pitch black. We stood and waited, there was absolute silence. Then a voice bellowed at us “WHY DO YOU DISTURB ME?” I looked around but could not see where the sound was coming from, there was nobody else in the room, no screens or speakers that I could see.
One of the soldiers took a deep breath and spoke “We have found a castaway in the middle of the ocean my lord.” His voice was trembling, I could tell he was afraid. “What shall we do with him?”
“Hang on a second!” I shouted. “What do you mean by that? We had a deal. I cooked and cleaned for you. I’m just looking for a ship to get home.”
“SILENCE!” bellowed the voice. Then there was a bang and a cloud of smoke, an old tall man appeared from the smoke, he was wearing a long dark robe, had a long white beard and no hair. He looked angry. The soldiers were quaking in their boots. I noticed the old man had his right hand in his pocket and was fiddling with something. He walked up to the soldier that had spoken and started to shout at him. “How dare you interrupt me for such a trivial issue!” He was going on and on and the soldiers face was turning red. I thought this was a chance for me to escape. I pushed the soldier onto the old man, he fell and the old man’s hand came out of his pocket and dropped a multicoloured sphere. He looked at it with an agonised look as it rolled towards me. I picked it up and thought “I wonder if this is how he makes himself disappear?”


”RETURN THAT TO ME IMMEDIATELY!” shouted the the old man.
”Woa, calm your temper down or I will break your precious little sphere, you senile brat!” I answered in a threatning tone.
”YOU WOULDN’T DARE” said he in a defiant nasal voice as if he was gasping for air.
I quicly raised my arm with the sphere; its colours changed to grey and the man stepped back in fear.
”Now listen: I’ve been stuck on the nearest island for months and your soldiers promissed me that they would get me a boat to go home. I worked as a slave for them during the whole trip and now you are going to find me a way to return to my land or I will break your precious color changing magic ball”There was no need for any persuation, he sighted and nodded his head in despise. They promissed to take me to the harbor immediately where a big ship would be waiting for me.The soldiers escorted me to the inside of the huge metal ship and the acient man said in a resentful tone:”NOW RETURN IT TO ME, YOU INSOLENT WORM!”
I didn’t want to take any chances, so I told him to step out of the boat and said that I would give it to him. As they came back from the ship, I glanced at the island and I could see the despair in the eyes of the people standing in the ground. A cloud of dark smoke hanged in the hair, the forests in the distance were all burned and the water bellow me was in a green sick colour. I bet that he used the sphere to enslave all those people and destroy that once beautiful land. So, as he stepped out the boat, I threw the sphere into the ground as hard as I could and it crushed into a million of colored pieces. The old man screamed in agony and the people cheered, they were free of his dark will now.The boat set sail and I inhaled the fresh air in relief. I was finally going home to be with Kate.
The end…