1. Calatoria picaturii de apa


Story 1  writing order: The Azores -> Cyprus -> Finland -> Poland -> Romania -> The UK -> Turkey

A journey of a personalized water drop
Once upon there was a little water drop which was born in a waterfall in Caldeira. Its name was Nicole. She was very, very curious and shy. She didn’t have many friends at school, so she spent most of her time reading books about the world outside her island. She had a dream: “Travel around the world to see with her own eyes what she had read about. Suddenly, in a very sunny spring day, she decided to go her own way. She threw herself down the waterfall and went down across a very small river, named Albatroz with many other water drops like her. She met a very handsome Italian water drop named Luigi, who like her would like to travel around the world and eat water-pizza, water-lasagna and swim across the Venetian canals.
They fell in love with each other right away. They decided to travel around the world together so they followed the stream until they reach the Atlantic Ocean.
When they got there they were very happy because the ocean was bigger than they thought, so big and so wide that they were couldn’t see the end of it! Suddenly came a very big wave that made a blue whale swallow them together with some Krill. They got very scared because they didn’t know what a whale was or where the whale was taking them. Inside the whale’s stomach they met two very famous characters named Pinocchio and Geppetto, which were eating water-pizza and water-lasagna. When Luigi saw that incredible vision he said: “Mamma Mia! Here I go again, how can I resist it!” And he ate lots and lots of water-pizza and water-lasagna, he became sick and he threw up. When the whale fell the vomit, the whale had a strange feeling and spat the water drops away.
When they fell they were in a very strange place. The rocks were black and there were lots of and lots of trees. “Oh! I think I know where we are! We are in Azores!” – said Nicole, the intelligent water drop. And then…

… The two in love drops were found on the sand next to the beach. The weather was very hot and sunny, so the drops were in danger of evaporating. Suddenly, Luigi started to evaporate. He almost reached a cloud when he realized that Nicole was still on the sand. He tried to go back and catch Nicole, but he couldn´t! A few seconds later, under his feet there wasn´t any sand, but huge, white clouds. Everything was finished. He lost her forever! He was so upset, that he started to cry!
While he was crying, the cloud started to move slowly. He didn´t understand it, until he looked down. He wasn´t in Azores anymore! He was above a desert. He counted up to three and he jumped off the cloud. When he fell down, he looked around him and he realized that there was no one like him. He was alone again. He decided to find out where he was.
What he didn´t know it´s that Nicole had also evaporated. She was on a cloud too and she was travelling! But there is something that either of them knew. The cloud that Nicole was on, wasn´t going where Luigi was. It was going to Antarctica…

Nicole had fallen asleep on the cloud. Suddenly she fell down, just as the cloud was passing Antarctica. When she woke up, she noticed that she had turned into a round piece of ice. Nicocle started to roll forwards, alarmed. She was trying to find Luigi, but the only thing she saw, was a penguin. They soon made friends. The penguin’s name was Pinku. “Why are you frozen?” asked Pinku Nicole. “The climate froze me,” answered Nicole. “Can you help me, please?” It didn’t take long for Pinku to help Nicole melt. Nicole told Pinku about her lost friend Luigi and they decided to start looking for him together. It was freezing, so freezing that they almost turned into icicles. Suddenly they saw a warm cave and hurried towards it. In the cave Nicole asked, “Wow, do you see that? What on earth is glittering there?”
Meanwhile Luigi was on the desert and he was scared. He said to himself, “Where am I? I miss Nicole.” Luigi started walking. He was hungry and thirsty. His stomach was growling. Luigi saw water but it was only a mirage. He lay down and tried to sleep but with no luck. He was just too hungry. Then he saw something, and it was water, real water. Luigi ran as fast as he could. When he reached the water he drank and drank and drank. Until… something emerged from water and it was something huge, the biggest water drop he had ever seen.

POLAND                                                                                                                                                    The huge water drop took Luigi in and from first sight they made friends. Luigi noticed to his surprise that the big water drop wasn’t as dangerous and scary as he thought at the beginning. Soon it turned out that the huge water drop was as lonely as Luigi because he lost his much loved girlfriend too. He had spent many many days looking for her but, as Luigi, with no result.
The big water drop named Boguś decided to help Luigi to find Nicole but only on one condition: if Luigi helps Boguś to find his girlfriend – Sylwia.
They were thinking over and over, trying to find a good solution and work out a plan. Then one day they contrived a brilliant idea! They decided to build a canal under the desert to reach some water. They were digging days and nights and… found! It was a river and soon they discovered that it was called the Vistula River! The river took them, they were flowing for a long time, finally reached the Baltic Sea. Suddenly a terrible storm started while they were sailing across the Baltic Sea. A big wave went them up and they landed on a ship. The ship was packed of scientists who had been sailing around the world. They had been travelling to research into the quality and cleanliness of water around the world. They spoke English and it was a big difficulty for Boguś who didn’t know the language. Luckily Luigi could speak English so he translated everything to Boguś. Thanks to him they learned that the ship was heading for the Black Sea….


When the ship arrived at the Black Sea they jumped into the water and swam to the shore. They were wondering why this sea was called Black; the water was so clear and blue. The answer came when all of a sudden a big storm started and it seemed that the colour changed to very dark blue, almost black. Hand in hand, they rode the white horses of the rough sea until they reached the land; it was a large beach with the finest sand that could be, but in the distance they saw lots of birds, all kinds of birds, small and large; they saw  overgrowing water vegetation which formed a multicolour scenery. A friendly cormorant landed beside them and said:
“Welcome to the Danube Delta! You look tired. Can I help you?”
“Thank you for asking. Well, we …” and they told their adventurous story to the nice cormorant.
On the other side of the Earth, Nicole and Pinku were trying to find out what was shining so brightly in the cave. When she got close enough, Nicole was amazed to see a “spirit of the water”. She had heard lots of stories in her childhood about these spirits of the water. Nicole knew that they had magic powers, so she immediately thought about asking for help.
“All powerful spirit of the water, please, make my wish come true!”

THE UNITED KINGDOM                                                                                                                All of a sudden the spirit of the water turned red then black and then invisible. “So you want me to make your wish come true?” asked the spirit. Suddenly a flash of blinding light fills the air! Choking, Nicole finds herself in the middle of a boiling volcano in Italy! “Of course Vesuvius!” gasped Nicole!
The Volcano started to erupt! As fast as the speed of light Nicole found herself back on a cloud a few million miles away from Pinku. She didn’t know that meanwhile Luigi and Bogus were still at the beach with the cormorant when suddenly a tidal wave of water came and sucked all of them into the sea itself.
Luigi woke to find himself in the deep sea. “Where am I?” screamed Luigi. Out of nowhere a pack of piranhas came and swallowed Luigi, Bogus and the cormorant.


Luigi, Bogus and the cormorant were shocked and scared but what they didn’t know was that the piranhas had been sent by the water spirit and were speeding in the sea towards Venice. The cormorant thought he had to escape so he started pecking at the insides of the piranha that had swallowed him. The piranha was annoyed and opened his mouth to let the cormorant out. The cormorant swam to the surface of the sea and flew up and out of it. When he looked down he could see the flock of piranhas taking Luigi and Bogus away. The cormorant was determined to save his friends from the piranhas but he did not know how he could so he decided to follow them. The piranhas swam fast and the cormorant had trouble keeping up but he managed to stay on their tail until they got to the port in Venice.
On a pier in the port in Venice sat Nicole. The water spirit had carried her through the clouds all the way to Venice to meet with Luigi in their favourite place. She didn’t know how Luigi would be coming but she sat and waited on the pier. The piranhas had finally made it to Venice and were making their way through the boats towards the pier. The cormorant recognised one of the boats as a fishing boat and had once seen fishermen catch many fish with the nets on thier boat. The cormorant flew down and took the net from the fishing boat in its beak. He flew down above the piranhas and cast the net above them. All the piranhas were caught in the net and the cormorant then swept down again, lifted the net out of te sea and placed it on the pier on which Nicole was sitting.
All the people on the pier panicked at the sight of so many piranhas, the piranhas themselves were panicking because they were out of the water. In the commotion Luigi managed to get out of the piranhas stomach, he looked around and all he saw was people running around. Then suddenly he heard the cormorant shouting his name “Luigi! Luigi!” Nicole also heard this and turned and saw the cormorant. She ran towards the cormorant and to her delight she saw that Luigi was also there. They hugged and thanked the cormorant for bringing them together, jumped into the water and spent the rest of their lives together in the canals of Venice.